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JobMatch – test system for accurate recruitment and employee development

JobMatch assists companies in understanding their employees through precise occupational psychology assessments. We hold the belief that individuals thrive, exhibit commitment, and assume responsibility when their working methods align with their role’s requirements and they are presented with challenges that correspond to their talents.

The JobMatch test system is marketed in Malta and Luxembourg through Broadwing Limited, a licensed partner of JobMatch Sweden AB, with over 20,000 tests conducted annually across various industries in both public and private sectors. Additionally, JobMatch Talent is available in Denmark and Germany through partners, offering tests in 10 languages.

Our collective expertise spans recruitment, psychology, collaboration, and employee and leadership development, reflecting our shared commitment to fostering positive growth for individuals, companies, and organizations.

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Personality Test

JobMatch Talent (JMT) is a comprehensive assessment tool certified by DNV, offering insights into 30 work-related qualities for individuals and groups, designed to predict actual work performance across all organizational levels, making it a practical choice for recruitment and development.

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JobMatch Career

JobMatch Career provides personalized career guidance for students, employees, and job seekers, aiding in career exploration and development. It serves educational institutions and organizations, aiding internal recruitment and employee development efforts.

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JobMatch Screen

JobMatch Screen, utilizing the DNV-certified JobMatch Talent test, streamlines applicant sorting and shortlisting, maximizing efficiency by focusing efforts on the most relevant candidates, thereby reducing administrative burdens and enhancing accuracy.

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JobMatch Logiq (JMLQ)

JobMatch Logiq (JMLQ) offers scientifically certified adaptive IQ and aptitude testing, with tasks available in 32 languages and six specialized versions for different professional sectors, facilitating cognitive assessment for problem-solving and logical reasoning.

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Training & Certification

Within JobMatch Talent, we provide two certification options: one at a basic level and another at an advanced level. Furthermore, we conduct workshops focused on enhancing active communication skills and fostering team building.

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DNV Certification

Both JobMatch Talent and JobMatch LogiQ are certified by DNV. DNV certification ensures a test’s fulfilment of its purpose with comprehensive scientific documentation on validity and psychometrics. This process delineates the test’s applications, providing clarity on reliability for both buyers and suppliers.

All those of you who make purchasing decisions for recruitment (MD, HR/personnel manager, administrative manager or equivalent) now have the opportunity to take a test – completely free of charge and without obligation – so you can see what it does and assess whether it would be interesting to use in your company’s recruitment process. Register your interest below and we will send you your login information.

Find Jobs in Malta

If you are looking for a job in Malta, browse through the Broadwing Recruitment job feed. Here you can find career opportunities that match your experience and expectations, from a large variety of vacancies, across a number of industries and experience levels.

Job Placement Services

In a hybrid work environment, finding the right candidates demands a comprehensive approach, and Broadwing is dedicated to leveraging its expertise to connect employers with top-tier talent. Our specialised recruiters utilise in-depth industry research, employment market analysis and internal knowledge to recruit the best talent.

HR Services

Our Recruitment & HR Solutions are intended to aid both SMEs as well as established employers alike, relieving management from the task of personnel hiring and allowing them to use their time more effectively in more productive and profit-making tasks, thus contributing further towards their business’ growth and success.

Leveraging eLearning Tools

Acknowledging the ongoing need for continuous growth, the personal and professional development pillar focuses on online learning capabilities and professional training. Broadwing is committed to providing resources that empower employees to enhance their skills, ensuring personal and professional development aligns with organizational goals.

Our goal – committed employees through personal insight

JobMatch assists companies in understanding their employees through precise occupational psychology assessments. We maintain that individuals thrive, show dedication, and assume accountability to the degree that their working styles align with the demands of their positions and they are presented with tasks that align with their skills.

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JobMatch Talent (JMT) is an in-depth precision test for recruitment and development, for both individual employees and managers as well as groups. JMT is certified by the world-leading certification body DNV, with a predictive validity of 0.63, higher than any other test on the Swedish market.

Jobmatch Sweden is a leading player in Sweden in the development of advanced recruitment technology, offering solutions designed to optimize the recruitment process. With a focus on predictive validity and a user-friendly platform, Jobmatch provides companies with tools to make well-informed and effective hiring decisions.

Both JobMatch Talent and JobMatch LogiQ are certified by DNV.

– The certification issued by DNV guarantees that a test fulfills its stated purpose and that there is complete scientific documentation for the test’s validity and psychometric construction.

The certification process means that DNV describes the various areas of application of the test, so that both test buyers and suppliers can clearly see the reliability of the test.

JobMatch Talent was actually the first occupational psychology test in Sweden to be quality-reviewed and certified by the world-leading certification body DNV according to the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) new guidelines.

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